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The First Album


'For The Unseen'


Guitar in its purest form 

When Robin Scherpen first heard the melancholy sounds of the classical guitar, he was immediately enchanted. The pure form of making music touched him. 

"It's like there's nothing between my fingers and the strings when I play the instrument." 

In the course of his studies at the conservatory, Scherpen noticed that he was no longer able to read the scores due to an eye condition. This setback unexpectedly brought him something beautiful: he learned to compose on intuition.  

“My bad eyesight has taught me how essential it is to feel complete freedom when you are in a creative process.”  

Scherpen only really experienced that freedom when he noticed that his music came to him at unconscious moments. 

Robin Scherpen is a classical guitarist and composer. He wrote the foundation of his debut album in the dark because he could not tolerate light for about seven weeks after eye surgery.

Once again, the classical guitarist completely trusted his intuition. The dark time turned out not to be a limitation, but rather a liberation. “The music came out in its purest form.” 

Scherpen also wants to convey this pure form to the public. He promises to take the audience into a contemplative dream world in which visual noise is completely absent. The classical guitar is expressed in its purest form. The guitarist also wants to share his experience with loss of control with the public. 

For his latest work, Scherpen was inspired by the movement of composers such as Olafur Arnalds, Johann Johansson Nils Frahm and Hania Rani. 

Robin Scherpen previously worked for many years with Herman van Veen and arranged and composed for several artists and projects.

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